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Remembering the 2017 ICO Explosion

Those months in Trump's first term when the internet was abuzz with all the exciting crypto IPOs and everyone seemed to be making a mint on the next Shibu Inu Dunno. These Initial Coin Offerings had characters like Hedgey James Altucher and his amazing hair (yeah, will admit some envy) pitching the inside scoop on getting rich with the next 10,000% coin surge guaranteed in a week. Simple: buy his newsletter and course, wire your money to some nut named Tikka, and you’ll be a gazillionaire surging past Tai Lopez’s Lambos.

Ironically, Altucher is now peddling a special secret list of AI stocks, and ole Tai is trying to pretend he didn’t just lose $20 million of investors' money from one of his slimy retail to internet conversion pitches—Pier 1, Franklin Mint, yada yada. The miracle pitches and inevitable lies never stop with these self-serving promoters, spin doctors who care little for truth or building something. They care only for the next tricky money extraction strategy from your wallet into their supercar lease payment.

The Bitcoin Retirement Scam?

With BTC moving north, multiple ETFs approved, and the halving approaching, people are talking about retiring on the back of Bitcoin - cuz, duh, it’s going to the moon! Sweet! Really? The OGs in the crowd heard the thundering yell of “moon” in 2017, 2020, and again today… Anyone who’s gone riding the peaks and valleys of these cycles, we know what a “20X sure thing” means… But let’s say I’m wrong, let’s say it does surge 20X. Golden Girl jamboree!? Estelle’s probably cringing in her grave…

Math Moment

You went big and invested 10% of your net worth - $20k. Doing a lil bitty sanity check knowing folks aren’t brave/crazy enough to risk more than 10% of their net worth on something so wild and volatile as crypto Sats, it’s $20k for Joe and Jane - big roll of the dice! (Median 2022 net-worth in America was $192k) Those sharky, er/um helpful Financial Advisors are barely capable of suggesting their clients “risk” 1-2% of the portfolio in a BTC EFT right now. Seriously. So, you got almost half a bitcoin! … And bitcoin goes from $50k to a million - boom 20x. Now what? Your $20k is $400k. Done… success, life of leisure? Cocktails and moo-oooo-ooohn light… lil Tom Cruise theme song… sorry… Maybe buy one of Tai’s Lambos? A lime green used Gallardo, vroom!!

Reality Check

Okay, toys aside, can you or anyone outside of Nebraska (Sorry Huskers) retire via a Hail Mary $20k lob at Bitcoin? Sorry… no. Winning with Bitcoin is not about GUH. Google that :-) Winning with Bitcoin is about voting with your sweat/time/tears/cash-ola into a new monetary system that’s honest, can’t be manipulated by Cousins Powell and Yellin. A money that no congress can strip from you by mandating a CBDC, that no world economic forum can bludgeon or bully into submission or subservience. Can you and should you be a part of this monetary and financial revolution? If you value your sovereignty and freedom - YES.

The Ultimate Freedom

As with anything, there’s no sure thing and there is no magic pill. Always, always, always remember the way to wealth and ultimate freedom is to go deep into a thing, something meaningful, something that matters. My favorite things are those things that provide fuel for people to be more free and more happy. Does your work and do your investments do that? What would life be like if they did?


Damion Lupo

Principal Founder

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